Earlier this week, we were delighted to see some giant humpback whales bobbing along off of Rockaway Beach in Queens. Experts told us that they've "been getting sightings all throughout the summer, right out the harbor." And lo and behold, avid amateur photographer Richard Simon sent us the above photos of more whales, AND a dolphin pod, which he spotted earlier this summer.

Simon said the whales were shot on August 29th, and the dolphins on June 12th—the dolphin shot in particular got Simon the American Princess best picture of the week award. While it makes sense why whales might wander closer to the city (thanks to the delicious krill available), it's been much dicier for dolphins, who eat a variety of fish species. In June, a lone dolphin was spotted swimming near Chelsea Piers in lower Manhattan; that dolphin sadly later turned up dead from having starved to death.

If you're interested in going whale or dolphin watching in area, the American Princess Cruises offers tours leaving from Riis Landing in Rockaway, Queens (although the season is almost over, so get on it). And as a bonus, here's some dolphins playing with a cat: