Just as the snow from last week's storm had begun morphing into ankle-shocking slush puddles and blackened curb dwarfs, on Sunday the city was blanketed again by a delightfully fluffy band of snow to smooth out the rough edges and keep us enchanted. And there may be more accumulation on the way.

According to the National Weather Service, Sunday's snow totals broke the single-day record for all other February 7ths in New York City's history, as Central Park saw 4.5 inches of accumulation during Sunday's event, while JFK Airport got nearly 7 inches.

The roads were a little messy, but the Sanitation Department was in "full snow operations mode," and no major road blockages or crashes were reported. Trash and recycling pickup resumed on Monday.

By 5 p.m. or so, the snow had stopped and the sun had come out. A salutatory ending to what appeared to be a sublime day for sledding across the five boroughs.

More snow is scheduled to hit the city on Tuesday. The National Weather Service is predicting another 3 inches starting at 6 a.m.

There's also a 40% chance of more snow on Thursday. So this is what winter feels like.