I always have conflicted feelings about the big holiday window displays at NYC's midtown department stores. On the one hand, I am opposed to the over-commercialization of Christmas, and am still sort of bitter about Saks Fifth Avenue for firing me from my Santa Claus job. On the other hand, I really love dioramas and animatronics, and the artistry that goes into these elaborate window dressings is pretty impressive. So here, let's get in the holiday spirit and fetishize some high-end commodities together like a family:

The Macy's display this year is particularly far out. Called "Santa’s Journey to the Stars," it stars a little boy using a telescope to track Santa's journey through the solar system, through a wormhole, and to a planet that's supposed to be filled with gifts but just has Matt Damon. As you can see from these photos, you don't need drugs to enjoy this holiday window display (just to enhance it).

Meanwhile, Bloomingdales lets you virtually step inside their window display. Here's how it works, now that our humble narrator Joe Depace told them to fix it:


Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin's displays for Barneys are also very cool: