Heavy rains at the start and a steady drizzle throughout couldn’t entirely dampen the celebratory feel of this year’s Dance Parade, the first such spectacle since the repeal last fall of the hated Cabaret Law, which since 1926 had made dancing without a permit a crime. As such, Norman Siegel, Mercedes Ellington, and Josephine Baker, key figures all in the legislative victory to repeal, were honored right before the parade stepped off at 21st and Broadway.

NYC’s newly-created Night Mayor Ariel Palitz was also on hand, though her supportive speech was mostly lost in the downpour. The Grand Marshals this year were Camille A. Brown, DJ Doc Martin, Council Member Rafael Espinal and Mickela Mallozzi.

The miserable weather certainly affected turnout, but there was still a huge variety of dance on display along the route. From Union Square to Tompkins Square, the streets were alive with Samba, Ballroom, Sri Lankan, Hip Hop, Salsa, House, Ecuadorian, Belly Dance, Hoopers, Ballet, Swing, Mexican Carnival, Techno, Congo, Afro Latino, Flamenco, Lithuanian, Bolivian Caporales, Contemporary Jazz, Disco, and Global Bass, among others. This is, without question, one of the most diverse of all the big NYC parades.