Last night our photographer Katie Sokoler checked out the Crest Hardware annual pumpkin carving contest, where creative carvers created everything from Beavis and Butthead to Osama Bin Laden to Hello Kitty jack o' lanterns. A reader in attendance last night tells us:

The party was in this amazing secret-ish garden hidden inside a city block in plain site of Metropolitan Avenue. The big tree was reportedly the tree Betty Smith had in mind when she wrote "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" according to the patriarch of the family that owns the store. They have a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig named Franklin that you could pet like a dog who has his own petting zoo corral. They had 2 different campfires, and awesome DJ, free Tiger Beer and Bud tall-boys + rum and bar-b-que and hay bails. The pumpkins were creative and people put a lot of work into them. AND IT WAS FREE... then some asshole wrecked the port-o-let and the party was over.

That sounds messy. Click through for photos of the pumpkins, as well as Franklin the pig! While there are no photos of the port-o-let aftermath were captured, there are a couple of classic "puking pumpkin" designs for a gross-out factor.