On Saturday, Jamaica Bay was the site of a strange mock "boat battle," involving several rather extraordinary handmade vessels which, at first glance, don't seem particularly seaworthy. For six year snow, an evolving collective of DIY art renegades have been proving that insanity floats, staging a series of increasingly improbable water adventures on stunning self-made boats mostly cobbled together out of found materials. The unique "Miss Rockaway Armada" has sailed the Mississippi River, the Hudson, the Adriatic Sea, and even the Ganges, and this summer it's the Ohio river's turn. That is, if they can get the money together.

Photographer Tod Seelie has documented many of these adventures, and he plans to join the crew that sets sail down the Ohio river at the end of summer, in a remarkably ramshackle ship replete with a bicycle-powered Ferris wheel and a free performance of Bigfoot: the Musical wherever they drop anchor. They're a loveable group of eccentric dreamers, and they're not ashamed to ask for a little help along the way: