On Monday Banksy's Ronald McDonald shoe shine piece was in front of the McDonald's on Essex and Delancey before it was eventually forced out by the NYPD, who confronted the actor playing Shine Boy (who is different from the original Shine Boy).

Sean Shapiro witnessed the scene and tells us, "About five police cars showed up with ten officers." Well, that seems extreme! But the NYPD has been actively seeking Banksy, the NY Post bleated for his capture on their front cover, and officers have been asking building owners where Banksy has hit to file charges. Shapiro told us:

"The two in the photos approached him asking questions... one of the other officers nearby had his ticket pad out ready to go and I overheard him say that they could give him a disorderly conduct, as he was blocking sidewalk traffic and a crowd formed. The same officer was pretty knowledgeable on the meaning of the piece as he was explaining it to another officer.

The officers stood by for a while as the actor was texting and calling one of the other members of the crew and it took about five minutes before a guy [Steve Zissou-sky!] showed up to carry away the statue into a dark van."

If only the NYPD caught two of the movable Banksy installations together in Greenwich Village yesterday, just sitting there like a double rainbow:

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