Deno's Wonder Wheel, Luna Park, and the Cyclone are now open for business, with the latter turning 90 years old in June. It's officially opening weekend out at Coney Island, and even though the official-official opening day ceremony is today, along with the 32nd annual “Blessing of the Rides," Saturday saw plenty of action.

Thrill-seekers, giddy little children, and cotton candy enthusiasts of all ages flocked to the area on Saturday, in part thanks to that blue sky and sunshine. Over on the boardwalk, Nathan's Famous hot dogs and beers at Ruby's were the sustenance of choice. And suckers... er, players, seemed extra eager to part with their hard-earned dollars to win stuffed toys at the many games of "skill" scattered throughout the parks and side alleys.

Luna Park, the Cyclone, and Deno's Wonder Wheel are open from noon to 8 p.m. Sunday, and all week during spring break, and then the hours change frequently until we hit high summer.