Old school blogger Miss Heather has been running New York Shitty for over seven years, documenting life in Greenpoint during the Bloomberg era. Now that he's getting ready to go to the big Bermuda in the sky, Miss Heather is commemorating the time period with a series of NYC-centric snow globes that depict Bloombergian staples such as stop-and-frisk, urban displacement, SantaCon, topless women, mass arrests, construction debris, and more.

The result is Urban Renewal, a line of hand-crafted snow globes from places people do not want to go to. She explained the project so:

In essence, my plan was to explore dystopias in small(ish) hand held form. I hit a brick wall and tabled this project.

Recently I had a breakthrough. Here it is very simplistically stated:

1. in just over a month the Bloomberg Administration will be over.
2. Mayor Mike's New York City is *quite* dystopic.
3. I need only leave my apartment, parse through the photos I have taken over the years or simply surf the Internet to find inspiration/material.

Consider these to be souvenirs of /a testament to what 12 years of Bloomturd have done to my community. NOTE: this could not have happened without enablers. These snow globes are dedicated to them.

Miss Heather told us the stop-and-frisk one is her favorite, and the one she is most looking forward to completing is the SantaCon one "for obvious reasons."

[h/t PSFK]