Saturday's New York Comic Con festivities once again drew thousands of fantasy, sci-fi, otaku, and action movie fans to Manhattan's Javits Center. And this year, getting there was conveniently futuristic thanks to the glowing UFO-like structure that is the MTA's new Hudson Yards 7 train station at 34th Street and 10th Avenue. Sure, the station has been armed and fully-operational now for four weeks, but a $2.4 billion piece of infrastructure hasn't earned its stripes until Final Fantasy cosplayers have hopped its turnstiles.

Traditionally the best and busiest day of any Comic Con, Saturday's crowds packed intersections, plazas, and parking lots around Javits, but the Hudson Yards subway station swallowed up every last superhero and villain with ease, and its long tunnels and steep escalators formed the perfect catwalk for some superfan street style.

Sean McGrath, 46, of Erie, Pennsylvania was walking through the station Saturday night, sans costume, but with a stuffed rabbit perched on his shoulder. "Her name is Jibberbun," he said. "This is the mascot for my literacy organization." McGrath, who was attending his eighth Comic Con, emphasized the fest's professional and networking opportunities. "I'm here for the exhibitions and to learn about literacy teaching. I've met so many people, and I'm dying to do things with them professionally."

McGrath grinned as he admitted he'd spent $800 at the Con Saturday—almost entirely on gifts for friends and family. Walking onto a 7 train car, he was met with a dense huddle of costumed fans, all of them laughing, snapping photos, and checking out others' intricate homemade styles. Between Friday night's Blood Rave, NYC's happiest windshield acrobat, and Comic Con, it's been a banner weekend for those looking to just let loose and be their weird, wonderful selves.