Holi Phagwa is the springtime Hindu festival of colors, a ritual dating back thousands of years in honor of Sri Krishna. From a fascinating history of the tradition: "Inner illumination is the real Holi. The spring season is the manifestation of the Lord... Holi is said there to be His heart." The celebration is visually recognizable because it features colorful powders which end up all over attendees to varying degrees, not unlike the Color Run.

There are several festivals around the city every year celebrating Holi, and Brokelyn recently questioned if they have gone from harmless celebration to cultural appropriation. “I saw it on Eat Pray Love and I was like ‘I gotta go to this,'” one attendee at a recent Holi celebration in Bushwick told them.

Photographer Gretchen Robinette was at another Holi celebration over the weekend—click through for a look. Indeed, you could play a game of "Holi or Coachella?" with these. But regardless of all the selfies, maybe we can agree that the celebration has remained true to its spirit and customs, which include "loosening strictness of social structures" and being happy.