Straphangers on this morning's Shark Train are coming forward with their stories, one woman telling us, "A guy near to me was smiling at his phone, and eventually showed us all the photo he had. It was a shark on the floor of a subway car posed with a Red Bull, Cigarette, and MetroCard." And that guy certainly is proud of himself! Juan D. C. emailed us this morning with no less than 75 photos of the shark adorned in props he placed around and in it.

He told us, "I saw the Shark when I boarded the Queens bound N train at Union Square at exactly 12:02 a.m. It was upside down when I got on and I turned it around thinking: 'This can't be real'... I was wrong. The shark was about 1.5 feet long, it looked like it was only a few hours dead."

Juan, who works in advertising and was at a Hot97 party earlier in the night, theorized that the shark could be a marketing ploy: "It's Shark Week and this is a DISGUSTINGLY TERRIBLE BUT GOOD Promotion from Discovery Channel." But that is not true. More than likely someone caught the shark and left it on the train dying, or already dead. Juan says, "Either way, it was a pretty crazy experience and as usual New Yorkers, like myself, are wise guys so we added a MetroCard under its fin, just in case it needed to transfer." He added, "I do think it's disrespectful to do certain things to dead shark corpses. But adding a MetroCard under its fin is not disrespectful."

Sadly, no one started a conga line: