As we know, Bill Murray has been in town filming St. Vincent de Van Nuys, and approximately 4 out of 5 New Yorkers (probably? It feels like that many) have spotted him. If you believe in statistical principles and why wouldn't you, then the law of averages says you have a pretty good chance of getting your very own Bill Murray Experience during this lifetime. An even better chance if you frequently hang out in Williamsburg at places where they serve wine and good food. And an even better chance if you don't seek him out. Let Bill Murray happen to you. Don't force it... even if that works because you stalk him on set, a perfect Bill Murray Experience needs to be serendipitous.

Click through for a look at how New Yorkers are handling the recent Bill Murray Invasion. And please, if you See Bill Murray, Say Something. Tweet, Vine, and Instagram it. The rest of us need this for hope.

Even if you don't see him, say something. This is just the worst kind of Bill Murray Experience... the Almost Bill Murray Experience. It hurts.

Also, someone please do this as an art project or something.

Maybe set it up near PS 150 in Queens, where Murray is filming (likely in plaid shorts) again today.