New York's dogs donned their very best pumpkin, pope, and pirate costumes yesterday for the annual Tompkins Square Dog Halloween Dog parade. Thousands of people poured into the park in the afternoon, many of them with four-legged friends who were dressed in everything from very on-trend Pizza Rat outfits to just-happy-to-be-here "hot dog" get-ups.

Jackie Bonnano, 28, strolled through the crowd leading her five-year-old mix, Lana. "I love it, the dogs are adorable and it's a great way to get them out and about," Bonnano, who was attending the parade for the first time, said. Lana sported tiny boxing gloves and a pair of training shorts—a get-up that turned her missing eye into a key detail. "We just thought we would take advantage of a life experience she's been through and make the best of it," the East Village resident added.

Other owners had their dogs dressed as lobsters, lions, superheroes, and the entire cast of The Flintstones. There was Alexander Hamilton, Caitlyn Jenner, and a Pom-kin Spice Latte. There seemed to be no limit to owners' creativity—your gallery of cuteness overload awaits above.