Charity calendars of sexy people who are connected by some theme are pretty common at this point (firefighters, Brooklyn girls, cable guys, men with cats) but one we weren't expecting? A calendar of transit workers. Specifically bus drivers. But people? Like the Select Bus Service, this thing is happening.

A Brooklyn bus drivers group, Men Taking Action/United Transit Employees, is in the process of shooting a 2012 calendar of its toner members, with proceeds intended for the American Sickle Cell Anemia Association. The calendar is so far only half done (they've got five bus drivers and one dispatcher locked in) but the pictures are already hitting Facebook and, well, they speak for themselves. The hope is that there will be at least one woman in the final product.

"We believe NYC Transit workers are just as hot as FDNY firefighters—if not hotter," Michelle Irons, one of the organizers of the shoot, told the News. Plus, she hopes the idea of a recurring calendar will inspire some of the city's less fit drivers to get into shape. "We tend to be sedentary because we're sitting for so many hours," she said. "We don't always take the best care of ourselves."

No word yet on when the calendar will go on sale or for how much.