Sheep in a gas station? Now we've seen everything! Over in the Chelsea gallery district the old Getty gas station has been relieved of its fuel and turned into an art installation with lush rolling hills of green grass and sheep sculptures, surrounded by a darling white picket fence. Be careful balancing on top of that fence, Dorothy, you might fall in and get eaten alive by hungry little lambs!

At least the days of Manhattan motorists getting fleeced by Getty are in the past BOOM. The Times reports that the temporary installation, found at the corner of 10th Avenue and 24th Street in the shadow of the old abandoned mill, was "conceived by Paul Kasmin, an art dealer who represents the Lalanne estate, and Michael Shvo, a real estate developer and collector."

The property was somewhat recently purchased by Shvo, who naturally plans to pave over the meadow to build "luxury residences" at the site. Leave it to these fancy city slickers to rip the heart out of our bucolic, small town slice of Americana. What's next, turning those old overgrown elevated train tracks into some hoity-toity pedestrian mall?