Before there were Marilyns and Campbell's cans, there were neon-colored cats and pearl-bedecked birds. Andy Warhol illustrated several children's books in the 1950s as part of Doubleday's Best In Children's Book series before leaving the publishing world behind, and lately they've been back in the public eye.

Some (relatively) affordable options were spotted on eBay over the summer, but if you missed your chance to take home a mini-masterpiece, you can still get up close and personal with some of the pages through the magic of the internet. The Little Red Hen tells the charming, if somewhat improbable, tale of a "cat and a dog and a mouse and a little red hen all [living] together in a pretty little house," a theme which...well, never really showed up in Warhol's work ever again, to be honest.

As an added bonus, here is a snapshot of a very young Warhol, a dandy even before he could grow facial hair. [Laughing Squid via GlyphJockey]