The Parks Department threw a huge party yesterday at Flushing Meadow Corona Park to celebrate the 75th and 50th anniversaries of the two NYC World's Fairs, which happened here back in 1939-40, and then again 1964-65.

The free festivities included music and dance performances, food from the LIC Flea, and Mr. Met, who also turned 50 recently. The highlights, however, were the terrific historical exhibitions and walking tours, all staffed by volunteer "Fair fanatics" who were happy to answer the hundreds of questions thrown their way. Lined up in front of the Queens Museum was a fleet of classic cars from the early '60s, including an actual James Bond Aston Martin, complete with machine guns in the grill!

All the fun was set amid the relics of the '64-'65 Fair: the iconic Unisphere, the hulking NY State Pavilion, and the Rocket Thrower—that's the heroic statue that former NY Times art critic John Canady called "a permanent disfigurement" and a "most lamentable monster".