People must really worry that the Alamo (aka the Astor Place Cube) gets cold at night! In October Olek went and knitbombed the giant moveable sculpture and then this morning a reader sent in the above photos of the "companion cube" that appeared on it last night. As EV Grieve notes, the coverlet seems to be courtesy of Caltech's prank club (which is pretty much what it sounds like).

Here's what the signage put up with the blankie says:

We give it a few hours before the companion cube is "prematurely euthanized" — mostly because, who doesn't like "cake and grief counseling?" As for what the whole thing means, we have yet to hear back from the e-mail address posted on the The Alamo's base. Update: Clearly we don't play enough video games, as commenters point out the "companion cube" is from the game Portal.

Do you think the other Alamos get this kind of attention?

1 p.m. Update: Looks like the cover has been taken down.