If it's hot and sweltering, then it's time to meet the firefighters in the Official FDNY Calendar of Heroes. And this year, for the first time ever, there's a female firefighter in the mix!

Danae Mines, who works at Engine Co. 60 in the Bronx, said she was honored to be selected for the calendar. She applied with all the other firefighters, went to the casting call and was interviewed. Finally, Mines found out by email that she would be photographed by Patrick McMullan for the calendar—and she's Ms. March. Surprisingly, she didn't tell any of her family, friends or fellow firefighters; she said, "They'll find out today."

Other firefighters were secretive as well, but John Kilan (Mr. December) told his dad about it. Kilan's father, John Kilan Sr., showed up during a break to cheer on his son—and get a calendar autographed. Kilan Sr. showed us the inscription ("I love you so much it hurts. Thanks for all your support!") and revealed that when his son started at the firehouse, he didn't know how to cook, so he quizzed his father on how to make spaetzle. Now, Kilan's firehouse speciality is turkey burgers—but no buns!

Some of the firefighters discussed how they worked out and dieted before the casting call. They stuck to mostly lean meats, and firefighter John Basquez (Mr. June) said, "I love kale! My girlfriend is really into juicing—I do kale and celery."

Firefighter Miguel Ruiz (Mr. November) said that when he cooks at the firehouse, "I like to keep it lean—chicken, vegetables quinoa." However, his favorite fast food is Chipotle. Ruiz's girlfriend Libby told us she supported him during his training, "I ran 10 miles with him!"

The calendars' proceeds benefit the FDNY Foundation and its efforts to promote fire safety and help with the "professional development, training, and education of members of the FDNY." For instance, FDNY offers free CPR training to offices, and that's funded through the Foundation. So make sure your smoke detectors have working batteries and buy a calendar!