One of the more harrowing obstacles one faces when saying Goodbye To All That in la belle NYC is having to leave behind some of the crap that's been amassing in your apartment. One couple about to flee this fair town for elsewhere has found a way to transform their dumb junk into Art and Profit—they've photographed all their stuff as part of an "exhibition," and everything's for sale.

The project, dubbed Apt 2D, is the brainchild of one anonymous couple who plan to leave the city for someplace cheaper on May 1st, after living here for six years. "We love our things, so when it dawned on us we’d have to part with them, we panicked," they said in a statement. "Shortly after the panic, we came up with the idea to shoot everything."

The couple got a professional photographer friend to shoot all 457 of their favorite possessions, each one tagged with a price. Items include a $10 trash can, a $75 vase shaped like a paper bag, a $2 men's razor, and a $180 air purifier. "We're hoping to find a new homes for the majority of our things, but for the stuff we don't sell, we'll likely pass it on to friends, family and charity," one half of the couple told Gothamist. "Anywhere but the garbage can."

Item price points range from $1 to $500, and everywhere in between. "Our dog was priced at $8500, although we got nervous someone might actually buy her, so we quickly marked her as 'sold'," our anonymous spokesperson told us. In addition the the dog, the couple plans to keep "the clothes on our back" and one laptop, so this is truly a clean-house situation.

Still, there's a sense of loss here. They'll miss two things the most: their Rhye 'Woman' Vinyl —"Every couple has a soundtrack to their relationship, and this is ours. It was the album on heavy rotation when we fell in love, and it's still on heavy rotation at Apt 2D today .The man has a voice of an angel,"— and a 7-foot-tall Devin Troy inflatable. "Not only is this one of the most underutilized and amazing formats for an art piece, it was also a birthday gift," they said. "A birthday gift that illustrated just how much we truly understand one another as a couple. Not many people let their partner have a 7 foot tall inflatable in their apartment, let alone buy them one."

That giant inflatable—which has never been near water—can be yours for $500. Have at it.