Yesterday afternoon there was a massive Bushwick Block Party organized by Roberta's. The event featured music, double dutch, skateboarding and much more—including food from Roberta's as well as vendors like Crif Dogs, Arancini Bros.,Yuji Ramen, Momo's and Red Hook Lobster. But as with so many food-based events, disorganization and large crowds led to angry patrons.

On a Facebook Event page there were complaints about the large crowd: "The fucking worst. Stand in line like an asshole for 2 hours and then spend spend spend. Lame, guys... very lame," and "yo, real shit, there should've been better planning. The cops were saying that you guys weren't expecting that many people, are you kidding me? who the fuck was in charge of this? IT'S A BLOCK PARTY, why aren't people allowed to go in and out as they please? no, instead there's a damn line to go into a block party. just ridiculous. & to think I was ready to donate some money to this shit. fuck y'all and your bullshit ass block party." (A part of the vendors' proceeds go to St. John’s Bread and Life.)

You can see the folks who decided to brave the line and enjoy the festivities (ie: eat a small pizza next to a dumpster of trash) in the photos above. Others "stood in the 400+ person line for 5 minutes then decided I couldn't give a fuck and went elsewhere."