The beautification of the Brooklyn waterfront continues, and the latest piece of land to get transformed doesn't include any fancy roller rink or soccer field... it's a simple pasture in the shadows of the Manhattan Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge Park held a preview of the space this morning, which they describe as "a temporary living earthwork."

"This cover crop of crimson clover will bloom into a lush field of reds and greens all while creating a nutrient rich resource of nitrogenized soil for the now under-construction John Street section of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The lot at 1 John Street has been vacant for as long as Andrea Reynosa can remember. Having looked out upon the empty space's crumbling asphalt and weedy patches from her DUMBO loft for decades, the artist/farmer is helping bring life to the space. In collaboration with the site’s developer, Alloy, the urban farmers at Brooklyn Grange, Smack Mellon and Brooklyn Bridge Park, Reynosa is activating the space through a temporary art installation that brings together soil and plants to explore and celebrate land use, sustainable agriculture and a City in transition."

To create the area, truckloads of soil and tons of crimson clover seeds were used—"the clover will grow into a thick green blanket topped with striking red blossoms that will please the eyes of the people in the neighborhood, feed and attract pollinators like honey bees and butterflies, and enrich the soil by increasing nitrogen. At the end of the summer, the installation will be plowed aside, and the enriched soil and composted clover will be incorporated into a new section of Brooklyn Bridge Park, under construction in the adjacent lot between 1 John Street and the East River." Not quite as massive and striking as Anges Denes's somewhat similar wheat field project in 1982, but still pretty cool.

John Street Pasture will be open to the public starting June 7th (and through July 13th). Follow on Twitter and Instagram.