The hack-o-lanterns are here, folks. For the ninth year running, an incredible display of gourd gore has taken over the front lawn of a Boerum Hill home, this time featuring a couple of murderous gardeners chopping their fellow pumpkins to bits. Deploying over 35 pumpkins total, the Halloween decoration—nay, ART INSTALLATION—includes a warty screaming jack-o-pumpkin cutting up screaming baby pumpkins and a demonic groundskeeper rolling his lawnmower over a wailing victim.

Complete with clay pots, work gloves, a bag of fertilizer, and gardening tools, this is at least as good, if not better, than 2016's B666 Bus Ride to Pumpkin Hell. Also, for some spoooooooky reason, there's a Hellraiser-inspired pinhead pumpkin. Why not! You can see the the bloodied-up pumpkins for yourself on Bergen Street between Bond and Nevins.

If you spot a terrifying Halloween tableau out there, please let us know.