Despite a few scary falls, this past Sunday's NYC Half-Marathon came and went without a hitch. But running for 13.1 miles can be boring, and any distractions can help. Brooklyn resident Kelly Roberts, 24, came up with her very own inspired, sweaty, goofy take: "Right before the race started we were in our holding corals and I spotted a very handsome gentleman behind me and came up with the idea and the hashtag," Roberts told us, explaining how she amused herself with #hottguysofthenychalf. "Live Instagramming was kind of a way to take my mind off the race (and finding cuties while making myself laugh is the best distraction from the cold & exhaustion)." You can see some of her photos below.

Roberts, an actor/writer who works at XO Group Inc., said she thought a few guys must have noticed what she was doing "because I definitely wasn't sly about it, especially towards the end of the race. I would sprint past them, check them out from the side and then position myself close enough to get the picture." But nobody said anything to her as it was going on, and her goal was to make her friends laugh, because marathon training leads to "ridiculous selfies."

Well, amusing her friends wasn't the only reason she took the photos: "Of course running makes a guy look hotter!" she explained. "Sweaty exhausted men? Sign me up! Extremely hot."

For what it's worth dudes, none of the guys in her photos have contacted her as of yet. Kelly is single, and if any hilarious men want to take her on an adventure or buy her a drink, her Twitter handle is @kellykkroberts.