The last time we saw Brooklyn Nets' Brook Lopez, his hair was looking pretty long. But it was for a reason! Yesterday, the starting center stopped by Dream Team Barber Shop, near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, for a fresh haircut with some boys from the Navy Yard Boys & Girls Clubhouse. And the kids got a chance to help cut his locks.

The 7-foot tall, 265-pound basketball star, who walked into the small shop with two small boys holding his hands, sat down in a barber's chair in a corner, surrounded by the rest of his energetic young fans. Lopez seemed a bit uneasy at first as he bantered with the children but quickly loosened up when the actual hair cutting began.

Ever since the Barclays Center, the Nets' new billion-dollar home, officially opened last Friday to much fanfare, Lopez, a West Coast transplant, has been shoring up his Brooklyn bonafides. "You know I'm just enjoying my time here, everyone's so welcoming," Lopez said. "Everyone's so accepting of our team. I think it's going to be a real exciting season." He added that he'll be attending all three of Jay-Z's shows this weekend.

Lopez signed a four-year, $60.8 million deal after the Nets dropped its pursuit of Dwight Howard over the summer. When asked if he thinks Knick fans will have trouble deciding if they should root for Brooklyn's first NBA team, Lopez stated, "I definitely think they should check out opening night, November 1st"—the team's home opener and first regular season game against their Manhattan-based rivals—"is going to be a good game. I expect the Nets to win obviously, I think that should speak for itself."