If we've learned anything from close readings of XOJane, it's that "sometimes a proposal is just a proposal," and also pooping your pants while running a marathon is something definitely worth sharing with the world. All of which is to say, we couldn't care less about your adorable viral-y marriage proposal, regardless of whether you used a Washington Square Park flash mob or a Pizza Hut box. Nobody really cares about your proposal except you and your loved ones, and things are just better that way—except, of course, if you drag 15 bulldogs into the mix. Then we care a little.

Brooklyn resident Rob Micallef enlisted the dogs to help him propose to Jessica Sammut, his girlfriend of four years. Last Saturday, the two were walking through Fort Greene Park where they crossed paths with Tiffany Nakamura, who runs french bulldog meetup group A Frenchie In Brooklyn. She was walking a Frenchie wearing a heart-shaped balloon. Micallef said they should follow it. What Happened Next Will Change How You View Proposals Forever Well Maybe That's Taking It Too Far Just Go On And Read You'll See:

The Frenchie led them to - wait for it - more Frenchies! A group of 15 dogs was gathered at the park's Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument alongside their owners, who held posters. When Micallef signaled, they flipped over their signs to reveal the message: "MARRY ME JESS."

In all seriousness, this is pretty sweet; we should all be so lucky as to fall in love with someone who knows that many dogs. Sammut said yes, the dogs all panted gaily, and nobody shat their pants as far as we know.

[h/t Jezebel]