The next section of Brooklyn Bridge Park's waterfront landscape to be developed is Pier 5. While a majority of that pier is already built out—with a fishing pier, soccer fields, and an area for grilling—the section further from the river has now transformed. It's not open to the public yet—we were told last week that the estimated opening is midsummer 2017—by the change is already pretty significant.

While it was once flat and paved, the area is now a rolling green landscape. BBP noted in a previous update, "a new sound-attenuating berm" has been built to diminish the BQE traffic noise, adding "4.6 acres of green space to the park and several new features for visitors to enjoy including expansive new lawns, shaded seating areas, winding paths and a multi-level boathouse with public restrooms."

The area will also feature "a shaded grove" and "lush rain garden," which sounds pretty lovely—though while they promise "it will provide a quiet contrast to the lively Picnic Peninsula nearby," we're guessing it will be just as crowded as the rest of the park has become during the summer months.

While goats were used to clear the berm at Pier 3, they went a less cute way for this one. "To prevent erosion and weed growth, the berm has been planted with a cover crop [of] oats... the roots will hold the berm’s shape and prevent weed growth during construction."

Click through for a look at the area taking shape now. And someone please start a petition for a hammock grove.

Other things in the works at the park: Pier 3, and the cursed Squibb Pedestrian Bridge. According to a parks spokesman, the bridge will reopen this spring, nearly three years after it closed.