Bike Kill, the debauched DIY celebration of gritty bike culture, proceeded as planned yesterday despite high winds and record-setting snow. The annual event, behind the Home Depot in Bed-Stuy, might not have been as heavily attended as previous years but there was plenty of high-spirited rowdiness nonetheless. Put on by the infamous bicycle club Black Label, Bike Kill features dozens of creatively modified bicycles that anyone is welcome to take for a spin on a dead-end street off Willoughby Avenue. Once night falls, there's tall bike jousting, and—it goes without saying—continuous consumption of beer and alcohol.

The indispensable Jeff Stark defied a nasty cold to attend and dish out two different kinds of homemade soup, free of charge. "One pumpkin makes surprisingly large amount of soup," Stark revealed as he spooned out a serving of delicious hot pumpkin soup for one grateful bike killer from Toronto, Inez Genereux, who said, "I'm so cold I just want to pour this down my pants." Later, a Black Label rider started breaking bottle rockets off their sticks, lighting them off of Stark's stove, and flinging them into the air. "Here's the thing," Stark advised, "Don't break the sticks off before lighting them." He later added, "This isn't my first time lighting firecrackers off a portable stove."

After a couple of hours in the elements, we bailed a bit early to go home and pour some hot soup down our pants. But check back later for photos of the main event: the tall bike jousting.