There's just three more days to check out the first ever Latin American Foto Festival in the South Bronx.

The event, hosted by the Bronx Documentary Center in Melrose, features the work of photographers from all over Latin America, including Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. The center's aim is to create cultural bonds and exchanges between New York residents and their counterparts throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

At the opening on July 12, Misha Vallejo, an Ecuadorian photographer, spoke to people about his work with his country’s Kichwa community, the indigenous people in that region of South America. Like tribes in the United States, the Kichwa have fought against deforestation and fossil fuels that threaten sacred lands and endangered species.

“I think this event is especially important due to the political climate in the United States...There are a lot of issues being put on Latinos and on immigrants,” Vallejo said in Spanish. “Even though there are a lot of Latinos living here, we’re bring people closer and visually showing a different point of view.”

Félix Márquez, a photographer from Mexico, exhibited photos of items that belonged to slain Mexican reporters. He said that he wanted the pictures to show that those people lived and that they were just trying to do their jobs in an honest way.

He was also excited to see how many people came to celebrate the opening. He feels like it confirms that Latin American photography, by Latin American photographers, is having a moment.

“All of this shows me how connected we all are," Márquez said in Spanish. "I’m here in New York speaking to people in Spanish, and I see people who live in places like Mexico who are now here today. It’s all connected together, and photography does that.

On Saturday, the day before the exhibition ends, the Bronx Documentary Center is holding their second annual block party. In addition to the exhibition, there will be food, games, and "family-friendly activities." You can RSVP for that here.