Yesterday the Natural Resources Defense Council released a report card for New York City beaches, handing out zero gold stars, and declaring the dirtiest beaches of all to be in the Bronx, with 15% of water samples violating health standards. Words like sewage, stomach flu, and hepatitis were tossed around, and yet people still flock there on hot summer days. So in that spirit, we're going to LA LA LA ignore all of that, and take a look at a crowded Orchard Beach, which used to be referred to as the Bronx Riviera, and has more recently been dubbed “Horse Shit Beach” by locals.

Photographer Stephane Missier captured some spectacular photos from one of our lowest graded beaches last year, reporting back that "Bronx inhabitants choose Orchard Beach due to its relatively convenient location. It’s the quickest way for them to access the sea, sand and sun."

Click through for a look at some Bronx Beach Style, set against a backdrop of one of our most polluted beaches.