It feels like only yesterday that Amanda Bynes was arrested for allegedly throwing a bong out of her Midtown Manhattan window, letting it spiral downward faster than her career. But that incident was way back in May, and since Bynes has grasped for the public's attention by acting out about a billion times since then, let's refresh.

Following the alleged bong-dropping incident Bynes denied everything, despite there being a shattered bong spotting on the sidewalk below her window. She followed that up with an accusation that cops sexually assaulted her.

Since then has gone on being Bynes: insulting everyone from Drake to the Obamas, letting everyone know about her love for plastic surgery and starving herself, and Tweeting other boring, outlandish, and sad things.

Today, the once-promising starlet headed back to Manhattan Criminal Court regarding that whole Bong Thing... and she did in an aqua blue wig, an Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre jersey, and a smile. How could anyone think someone like her could be mixed up in some sort of bong-related crime?

According to TMZ, "Inside the courtroom today ... nothing really happened. Bynes was virtually silent—and the judge continued the case to August 26th... though Bynes isn't ordered to appear until September 26th."