Halloween is coming, and one Brooklyn resident has created a terrifying tableau that will with 100% certainty give children, puppies, and adults who walk by it nightmares for days. For this is not just a Halloween display, it's a look inside the mind of someone who lives amongst us. Bwahahahaha.

A reader tipped us off to the scene this morning—which you'll find at Bergen Street between Bond and Nevins—and tells us a mother was literally seen shielding her children's eyes from the display, which is made from doll parts, fake (?) baby blood, and innocent childrens' nightmares. South Brooklyn hasn't seen something so controversial since that exposed shower.

Our own Josh Steele dropped by this morning and says a woman walking by declared: "Wow. That's fucked up. They must not have kids. This really reflects poorly on Brooklyn and this neighborhood." You use that kind of language in front of children, lady? Anyway, it's difficult to choose a side here—has the display creator gone too far, or is the neighborhood reaction predictably a little over the top?

Let's take a closer look and stare The Fear head on: we've got lots of dolls here, each being tortured in a different fashion. Many are in jars, some are being hung from tree branches, at least one is impaled with what looks like barbecue kebabs, another is chained to a chair with duct taper over its mouth, a few have been stripped of their torsos and given pumpkin bodies, one has a bloody baby spurting out of its stomach, and perhaps the most terrifying piece is Dr. Pumpkin over there, operating on a bloody disemboweled doll. Hey, doesn't he bear a striking resemblance to your child's pediatrician?

And just in case none of those things give you an uneasy feeling, the creator even tossed in a clown. Which looks dead. So there's probably also a clown's ghost amongst this murder scene, unless it's already floating over to your place...