Hope you're ready to O.D. on cuteness, because Katie Sokoler's photographs of yesterday's blessing of the animals are almost unbearably adorable. Hundreds of pet owners brought their pride and joys to the 27th Annual Feast of St. Francis of Assisi at the Cathedral on Sunday, where they lined up to receive a special blessing from the priest. And holy smokes were these creatures CUTE!

Sokoler tells us, "People were allowed to bring their pets into the church for mass. It was sort of awkward because all the dogs were barking and going crazy when the choir would start singing. Some kids brought stuffed animals. Then a bunch of crazy animals were walked down the aisle (the kangaroo is my favorite!)... After the mass, everyone brought their pets onto the lawn to have them blessed. I saw a whole lot of cats! My favorite is the little boy who brought his fish."

Animals on parade up the aisle to the altar included a camel, yak, pig, fox, rooster and the aforementioned kangaroo, which was carried by none other than actor Edie Falco. And in case you're curious what the church is turned into a petting zoo every year, the blessing celebrates the life of St. Francis of Assisi, who the church says "exemplified harmony between humans and nature."