The 16th annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge took place this past Monday. The Bridgewalk, an annual benefit for Poet's House, found more than a hundred dedicated poetry lovers ambling from 1 Centre Street to the Fulton Street Landing in the waning hours of the day. Bearing flags and banners, there were readings from poets Thomas Lux, Terrance Hayes, Eileen Myles and Galway Kinnell; as he does every year, Kinnell completed the walk with his masterful reading of Walt Whitman's "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry", which was briefly interrupted by a "quite ominous" disruption from one of the newly-launched ferries.

Also in attendance was Bill Murray, of whom Poet's House Vice President Frank Platt said: "No one loves poet's house more than Bill." This year, Murray proved it, as he flew in from filming (Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom) just for the walk, and was sporting two black eyes (makeup from the movie). Before reading, the actor assured those assembled, "I'll never read with two black eyes again." Murray read three poems to cap off the evening, including Sarah Manguso's "What We Miss," Cole Porter's "Brush Up," and Billy Collins' "Forgetfulness." Click through to see some photos from the walk!