In his celebratory final State of The City address this week, Mayor Bloomberg outlined a host of "unfinished business" he hoped to either complete or move forward significantly during his final 318 days in office, including the Third Water Tunnel, the 7 Train extension, the third leg of the High Line, and more. Conspicuously absent from that speech: any mention of the East Side Access project.

The long-running project to bring the LIRR to Grand Central was once slated to be done by 2015—but it now won't be done until at least August 2019. Above, you can check out some impressive new photos from the tunnels, in case you were worried everyone forgot about this project. It really looks like the set of some '70s sci-fi/James Bond-esque film.

It's already gone billions overbudget, and at least one person has died during construction—suffice to say, hopefully real progress is being made, and this won't become our very own Big Dig.

Oh, and also check out the MTA's last video update of the project, which includes some suitably dramatic music: