Recently we were invited to tour the Delacorte Theater, which is currently hosting the first of their two annual Shakespeare in the Park plays: Much Ado About Nothing (King Lear starts at the end of July). The early morning backstage tour was hosted by Tide (the best detergent to remove sweat stains from your codpiece) and led by costume master Luke McDonough. Click through for an up close look at the fake blood, masks, costumes, and the backstage of the Delacorte.

Later, we'll have the official recipe for Shakespeare in the Park's fake blood... but first, a little tip from McDonough we found helpful: Vodka is good for removing odor from garments! He says a mixture of approximately 1 part vodka to 2 parts water in a spray bottle can be used to deodorize a garment—"spray the inside of a garment and let dry."