Earlier today New Yorkers and people who are not New Yorkers witnessed a circular and colorful glow closing in around the sun. If this does not sound terrifying to you, just watch this short clip of the phenomena, which seems like it could have been shot by M. Night Shyamalan himself:

NJ.com tells us this was not part of a failed alien invasion, and SILive claimed it was a rainbow. But real rainbows have a beginning and an end, Staten Island! So WHAT IS THIS GORGEOUS SKY MONSTER? I Fucking Love Science explains:

"What you are looking at is a 'Sun Halo.' These are formed when sunlight or moonbeams are refracted by small ice crystals. The formation of Halos is most commonly associated with thin, high cloud levels, such as cirrostratus cloud formations. The 22° Halo is the most prevalent type seen - it is, as the name suggests, a ring of light 22 degrees from the sun (or moon). It is formed by hexagonal ice crystals. As light passes through the crystal it is refracted twice; the light is refracted when it enters the crystal, and once again when it leaves. The two refractions bend the light by 22 degrees from its original direction, producing a ring of light observed around the sun or moon."

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