A gorgeous harbor seal was caught sunbathing on a rock in Inwood on Tuesday afternoon.

Inwood resident Taegin Reisman said she snapped the photos at around 1 p.m. in Spuyten Duyvil Creek. "A few other adults and kids were watching and taking photos, and the seal didn’t seem to mind at all," Reisman said. "It’s our newest Inwood resident apparently!"

According to Maxine Montello, a rescue program director at The Riverhead Foundation, the seal is just a yearling—only a year or two old—and by the looks of the tag on its hind flippers, it's a rescue that's been released into the wild.

"Those circles around its eyes are hydration circles, meaning it's very hydrated, and they get their water from their food source, which is fish," Montello said. "It looks like it's pretty plump."

Montello added that usually harbor seals are seen in the New York City region around late fall or early spring. "It should be migrating north," Montello said.

Over the past month, other Inwood residents have spotted the seal. Some have apparently named it "Sealy," which, come on.

Another seal was photographed in June, though it appeared to be without a yellow tag.

Montello asked New Yorkers who spot seals and sea turtles to call Riverhead's hotline (631-369-9829), even if the animals don't look injured.

"It's useful for us to know where the animals are using habitats, and to keep track of the rescue animals," Montello said.