Wow, the Barclays Center is really going to happen! For your latest sign that Brooklyn's new arena is really, truly going to open soon enough, we point you to the giant, 70,000 pound, three-story tall, $7 million scoreboard that just came the stadium's way. 3,550 square feet of LED video display! Integrated Kiss-Cam! Ready to rise to the rafters!

The massive box of screens, reportedly one of the largest in the nation, was built in South Dakota and shipped to Kings County in pieces. "It's like a giant Lego," Chip Foley, director of building technology for the project, told the News of the project. "Getting all the pieces inside the building was delaying us because you can't turn it on its side; so we had to wait for certain entrances to be completed."

Still, looks like they got the whole thing going (well, who knows if the screens are ready to show anything yet). Now to get those last few seats installed, and start gussying the place up. And fast: Jay-Z is set to christen the joint on September 28.