Banksy has just posted his new piece on Instagram, a 9/11 tribute featuring the Twin Towers. It's located somewhere in TriBeca, and we've got someone headed over there now. We'll update when we have more information... but you should know, there's also one in Brooklyn Heights—we've got the scoop on that right here.

UPDATE, 11:55 a.m.: This piece is on Staple Street.

UPDATE, 12:30 p.m.: There is naturally, a HUGE CROWD.

UPDATE, 3:30 p.m. The piece has been tagged by a truther! Reader Kane—who sent in the below photo—tells us, "I was there. It was a guy a on a Vespa, he never took off his helmet the whole time he did it. Before he did it, someone got in his face and backed him off a little distance. There was almost a Banksy inspired fist fight."

Photo by Kane

But that's not all... a dog also peed on it. A tipster sent in the below photo explaining, "The owner wanted to get a picture of her pug with the Banksy in the background. Only, the pug got stage fright and started to pee on the piece." Check out those crowd reactions:

Photo by @socialstreger