It is very cold outside in New York City today, and tomorrow we're going to see some more snow—historically, this is what happens in the season we call Winter—but even with windchill temperatures down to -15°, the people of Boston have got it worse. Wrap Boston's misery around you like a Taun-Taun and take comfort in it.

Today, the NY Times printed a dispatch from up North under the uplifting headline: Winter From Hell. Let's take a look, as we await their correction regarding the temperatures in Hell.

"For those of us living here, it’s not a pretty picture. We are being devastated by a slow-motion natural disaster of historic proportions. The disaster is eerily quiet. There are no floating bodies or vistas of destroyed homes. But there’s no denying that this is a catastrophe. In just three weeks, between Jan. 27 and Feb. 15, we have had four epic blizzards—seven feet of precipitation over three weeks—which crushed roofs, burst gutters, destroyed roads and sidewalks, closed schools and businesses, shut down highways, crippled public transit and trapped people in their homes.

The infamous Blizzard of 1978 brought around 27 inches of snow and shut down the region for a week. In less than a month, we’ve seen more than three times as much snow. The temperature has hovered between 5 and 25 degrees, so the snow and ice haven’t melted."

Listen, we can't help Boston, there's no changing or reversing this (or is there?), so we might as well learn from it. Click through for some photos of Boston and its people, braving the storm in grace, and fleece... and quit your bitchin' about the brisk weather here in New York.

The most important photo is the one of this sunken snow living room, however—let's keep this snow hack in mind next time we get 58 inches in less than a month. And even if we don't ever see that much here, let's adopt the embracive attitude we see below. We like these apples, Boston! Did we say that right?

Video footage of the Wellington T-Stop snow-tunnel! / cc @OnlyinBos, @universalhub

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