The first snow of the season dumped a festive 6-inches onto the city on Thursday, making it the biggest November snowfall in the city in 80 years. Unfortunately, the city was somehow caught completely off-guard, leading to a breakdown in transit systems across the board, with delayed subway lines, bridge closures, stranded drivers, and 6+ hour long commutes home. (Fortunately, the duck enjoyed it.)

But if you could squint past the sites of miserable straphangers pacing outside of Port Authority and drivers threatening each other with tire irons in the middle of intersections, it was also a beautiful thing. Think of how rare it is to see fall and winter combine so slapdash into an autumnal-wintry mix! You know who really appreciated it? Mariah Carey, who drove through town singing along to her own holiday classic:

Check out a bunch of gorgeous photos of the snow-covered, leaf-strewn streets of NYC, like this tree so awestruck by the poetry of the falling snow, it's decided to bow before its grace:

Or this gentle plow, which had to take a moment to really absorb the atmosphere:

Or this noble beast, marveling at the commingling of two seasons into a perfect storm of transit ineptitude:

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And just try not to be too annoyed at Floridians mocking us, they have other stuff going on right now: