The Welling Court Mural Project held their sixth annual multi-block party yesterday afternoon, as some 125 artists converged on this small Astoria community and made everything look beautiful.

That's not entirely true. Many of this year's Welling Court artists had already completed their creation prior to yesterday's festivities, and it also seemed likely that more than a couple would need to go back tomorrow and finish up.

Either way, there were plenty of artists on hand to satisfy the fans who came to stroll around in the sun and watch them work. Welling Court offers a much chiller vibe than, for example, last weekend's Bushwick Collective Block Party, but there was still music and food and sneak-drinking here and, because the crowds are minimal, ample opportunity to mix and mingle with the artists.

Among those who contributed murals this year: Magda Love, Icy & Sot, Robots Will Kill, Lexi Bella, Joseph Meloy, Rubin415, Never, Shiro, Cern, Adam Dare, Zimad, and Lmnopi. And even if you couldn't make it over here yesterday because of the hundred other cool things going on around town, the Welling Court Murals are open to the public all day and night, all year round. To get there, just get off the N or Q at 30th Avenue and walk about ten blocks west.