So, why was the sky offering you a "Last Chance" yesterday? Art, of course. For about two hours yesterday (starting a little after 4 p.m.), the sky above Lower Manhattan displayed a series of somewhat confusing skywritten messages like "Last Chance" and "Now Open," but don't fear, it wasn't the work of a depressed skywriter. No, the messages were a part of an art project called "The Sky Is The Limit/NYC" by Kim Beck and sponsored by the Friends of the High Line. Which is to say, messages like "Lost Our Lease" were not technically related to the ongoing occupation of Occupy Wall Street!

The project lasted about two hours and was meant to invite "viewers to interpret the language in their own unique way. With the current uncertainty in the economy, The Sky Is the Limit/NYC is intended to play upon universal longings for hope and change by engaging the most potent symbol of longing in the landscape: the sky."

“They’re advertising messages that are no longer advertising anything specific,” Beck told the Times. "'Lost Our Lease' can speak to the feeling of being exhausted, and 'Last Chance' is everything coming to an end. 'Now Open' means something else as well."

There are quite a few pics of the writing out there on Twitter and Flickr and A Great Big City even caught some of the writing in action. You get any good pics of "The Sky Is The Limit?" Tag them "Gothamist" in Flickr!