If you've noticed a slight uptick in emaciated, eccentrically dressed young women hobbling toward the Hudson River, that's because it's crazy art fair week again in NYC, with several different international exhibitions happening all over town. The establishment anchor of all this is the The Armory Show, which is being held once again on Piers 94 and 92 on 12th Avenue. As usual, it's a massive, sprawling shopping mall of contemporary and modern art, featuring 267 galleries from 31 countries. We wandered the grounds in a daze at last night's packed preview, and while it's nearly impossible to give any work of art its due in the midst of such a madhouse, please enjoy these photos of what stood out from the crowd. (Our favorite piece was probably by Patrick Jacobs, from Brooklyn's own Pierogi gallery; it doesn't really translate all that well in a photograph, but it's included here nonetheless—second image.)

To kick off "Armory Arts Week," MoMA hosted a big party last night with The Walkmen and the excellent experimental band Human Rights, who stirred up a bewitching atmosphere to match Sean Capone’s large-scale, hypnotic video projections. Good stuff. The Armory Show continues through Sunday; admission is $30, which is worth it if only for the artsy rich people watching. An extra ten bucks gets you into Volta NY over on 34th Street near 5th Avenue; this invitation-only show functions as a more focused complement to the Armory Show. Over on the Frying Pan, there's also the Fountain art show, a scruffier, more DIY affair. ($10) And for the true glutton, here's the full list of all the various exhibitions running though Sunday. Wear comfortable shoes, and try to eat something, kids!