Brooklyn's man-made Mau Mau Island, also known as White Island, was the site of another aquatic "battle" yesterday, pitting one battalion of DIY hipster artists against a rival assemblage of DIY hipster artists. Photographer Eric Harvey Brown describes the skirmish as a "costumed/DIY-floating-device/chillaxing/drummer's-delight celebration," and that seems pretty accurate.

The zany water fight/rager, which debuted in 2011, has previously involved SWOON, the Flux Factory, and Levy's Unique New York. It's hard to tell exactly who the players are this time around, but the Black Label bike club, which puts on the annual Bike Kill fiesta in Bed-Stuy, is definitely in the mix.

Brown tells us that near the end of the day, "a giant yellow inner tube full of people showed up," at which point the conflict escalated. According to Brown, "the brown splatters you see were the...'filling' of some thrown diapers." So how was your weekend?