More than a quarter of a million comic book/video game/anime/cartoon/general pop-culture fans are expected at the Javits Center this weekend for the 14th annual New York Comic Con. And if yesterday's creative cosplay in the courtyard and consumer frenzy in the exhibitor halls is any indication, the weekend is going to be a wild one. Today, tomorrow, and Sunday are completely sold out.

All of the usual cosplay heavy hitters were out in force, with tons of Spidermen, Captain Americas, Harley Quinns, Pokemans, Punishers, Leias, GOTers, Boba Fetts, Marios, Peaches, and Deadpools running around, in addition to the unsurprising uptick in Jokers. There seems to have been no single great cultural event since last year for cosplayers to really rally around, like when Stranger Things first came out and everyone went as Eleven; Slobby Thor from Endgame was the most topical outfit I spotted.

As everyone will tell you, there's no wrong way to cosplay, but the true fans all go handmade, spending months creating a series of different outfits specifically for this weekend. It puts most of the stuff you'll see on Halloween to shame. And the respect, love, and excitement everyone shows each other always brings such a fun, positive vibe to what is, effectively, a total madhouse. These characters are such huge celebrities, and people actually shriek with delight when they see one of their favorites.

And, of course, there's the whole commerce part of Comic Con, with endless, often hours-long lines to buy toys, or limited edition this and that, or to get an autograph from an artist or a TV star. The aisles inside the massive exhibitor halls were jam-packed yesterday, presumably a work/school day for most people, and it only gets more insane once the weekend hits. There's also a whole "panels and workshops" element to the Con as well, and various activations and games, and you can certainly enjoy yourself here without waiting on a single line or spending a dime.

Comic Con runs through Sunday, October 6th, if you want to linger around and people watch.