The enormous New York Comic Con kicked off its annual four-day run at the Javits Center on Thursday, as tens of thousands of superheroes and master villains and anime characters gathered to celebrate all things strange and wonderful in pop culture.

Comic Con is so gigantic that even the most intrepid attendee can’t possibly see everything, especially if your cosplay is so well done that you spend most of the day posing for photos. In fact, you could have a great afternoon just wandering around the entrance hallways and huge outdoor plaza gawking at all the incredible handmade outfits, never even going inside to convention itself.

There were tons of Spider-Men and Spider-Women (and one Spider-Ham, a.k.a. Peter Porker), lots of Venom, Deadpools, Batmen, Jokers, Captains America, Black Panthers, Harley Quinns, Elastagirls, Marios, Peaches, and a fully functioning R2D2 built, as it happens, by a member of the R2D2 Builders Club. These were all incredible, but some of the best outfits were one-offs like the Planet of Apes Cleopatra, the female Dr. Doom, the Black Knight, "Thursday Mourning," and Wolverine as an actual wolverine.

Of course, the whole actual point of Comic Con is commerce, and there were hundreds of booths selling stuff snaking in every direction inside the massive building. The vinyl toys and collectibles sections drew the biggest crowds, but there was lots of action along Artist Alley as well. Giant corporate movie, TV, and video game booths were frantically trying generate hype for their products with freebies and previews. And, of course, there were also rows upon rows on people hawking actual comic books.

Comic Con is completely sold out all weekend, but we'll be back on Saturday so stay tuned for more coverage of all the best cosplay. (Tickets are available on StubHub if you're willing to pay extra.)