The season finale (okay, the Christmas special that already aired across the pond) of the third season of America's favorite aristocratic British import, Downton Abbey, will air on PBS tonight. So what better way to celebrate the end of another season of people making Edith's life miserable than to open your heart to an Edith-like kitty! Anjellicle Cats Rescue is hosting a Downton Tabby cat adoption event today at Petco on the Upper West Side (Columbus Ave. and 100th Street) from 1-6 p.m.

Click through to better get acquainted with some of the kitties, including stand-ins for Mary Crawley, Matthew Crawley, Bates, and Carson. Of course, there is no cat based on Edith above, because the world must keep shitting on her—but there is a Dowager Catniss, so all is forgiven. Then after you adopt one of these animals, you can cuddle with them tonight and enjoy watching [INCREDIBLY UNIMPORTANT SPOILER ALERT] Ms. Patmore's newly-hatched romantic life flourish together.